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Shanghai Tattoo

Est. 2007

Home of China’s “First Lady of Tattoo” MS. TING (Zhuo Dan Ting)

Ms. Tings Shanghai Tattoo opened 2018 in Historic Folsom, CA. We are a high end tattoo studio with multiple resident artists who specialize in many styles unique from each other.
We are primarily an appointment only studio, but we can still accept walk-ins in most cases. It is always better to call ahead to ensure availability.

Our artists are specializing in large scale to smaller scale tattoos in all styles such as black and grey photo realism, color realism, Asian traditional, American traditional, neo-traditional, geometric, biomechanical, bio organica, watercolor, abstract, black-work, trash polka, etc.
You can preview each artist’s tattoo works on their artist profile below.







Zhuo Dan Ting

Maci Copeland, Resident Artist at ShanghaiTattoo916, Folsom CA

Maci Copeland

Tala, Resident Artist at ShanghaiTattoo916, Folsom CA


Brian Hutflies

Charizma Guzman Tattoos Portfolio, ShanghaiTattoo916, Folsom CA

Charizma Guzman

Thomas DeNicola Resident Artist

Thomas DeNicola

Lana Moon Resident Artist at Shanghai Tattoo

Lana Moon

Gabrial Kaylor

Gabriel Kaylor

ST916Artboard 2

Guest Artist – David Barnitz



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  • Got my very first tatoon with Shanghi Tatoo....and from start to finish the experience was awesome! Both Ting and Joshua are both amazing, helpful, open, welcoming.....and Ting does amazing work!!! Friendly, efficient.....great quality and super clean and professional. I can't wait to plan my next one with you both!! Thanks Ting and Joshua!!! Shanghai Tatoo rocks!!

    Nina Strom Avatar Nina Strom

    I can recommend Ms. Ting shop to anybody who wants to have an awesome Tattoo done. Especially for big Tattoos like whole sleeves, she does great work!!!

    Pascal Schröer Avatar Pascal Schröer

    Already had 4 tattoos done from Tayler Wooten and will definitely be coming back for more. Josh and Ting and the rest of the crew are awesome as well! Would recommend this shop ???

    Luis Alberto Cantos Avatar Luis Alberto Cantos
  • Already had 4 tattoos done from Tayler Wooten and will definitely be coming back for more. Josh and Ting and the rest of the crew are awesome as well! Would recommend this shop ???

    Luis Alberto Cantos Avatar Luis Alberto Cantos

    Ting is an amazing artist, and the only one I would recomend. over the passt years she did 6 of my 8 tattoos as well as several tattoos for my friends and i regret that I did not do all with her. The lastet tattoo was a portrait of my dad, which looks 100% like him. My family and friends are still shocked to see how real his smile is..and it make me happy to look at him every day. Thank you Ting ?

    Steven Lux Avatar Steven Lux

    Did not schedule to have any work done yet, but I did go in for a consultation. The artist seem to know the business and have excellent customer service. It's a clean shop, lots of wall fodder to look at. Ms.Ting has really put together a nice shop. Will be scheduling my half sleeve soon.

    techniX _ Avatar techniX _
  • I followed her work on Instagram since she was in Shanghai. I admired the beauty, detail, and realism in her art. When I happened to be in Folsom, I stopped by and visited the shop. We talked about the design I was thinking, it was sketched out and I was quoted the price. The price was higher than I had expected but well worth the cost once it was finished. The shop is clean, welcoming, and knowledgeable with lots of art for ink-spiration. I was covering an old tattoo on my upper arm with a half sleeve. The original tattoo did not have a great deal of personal meaning and the tattoo was not highest quality. I had not had any ink done in ten plus years. Over three sessions, May 17th, June 7th and June 28th, I watched the old tattoo disappear. I would come the shop in the afternoon, usually having better luck finding parking just before noon. I spent about three to four hours in the chair for each session. The tattoo is AMAZING! I love the artwork she inked onto my arm. I now have a beautiful, meaningful piece of art to show off and carry with me.

    Leslie Bowen Avatar Leslie Bowen

    Decided to get my lower sleeve done here after looking at the work that Ting does. It was the best decision. I initially got things moving with Josh Thompson who is awesome to work with for scheduling and dialing things in for the staff. Ting is extraordinarily professional and her artwork is amazing. She is worth every penny I paid to get it done. I even flew out from Portland, OR twice in order to have it completed in two sittings. The entire experience was very comfortable and I couldn’t be happier without the end result. I would rate them even higher if I could.

    Jeremy Estes Avatar Jeremy Estes

    Go to this shop for world-class tattooing! Ms Ting is a great designer and tattoo artist and you'll be very happy with the finished tattoo. I've had a number of large pieces done by Ms Ting and throughout the process she was helpful, professional, and the artwork is amazing. Thank you Shanghai Tattoo!

    Adelina Holmes Avatar Adelina Holmes
  • Ms. Ting is an amazing tattoo artist, she transformed the portrait of my sister, I could not believe how life like my sister looks now.

    Emily Boudreau Avatar Emily Boudreau

    I can highly recommend Ting! I had a free-handed half sleeve dragon made by her and the quality and standard was amazing! Love her work and so should everyone else 😀

    Morten Aikio Avatar Morten Aikio

    I started a sleeve with Ting at her Shanghai shop and have been slowly finishing it in the new Sacramento spot. She is one of the most talented tattoo artists on the planet and holds the same super high standard for this location too. Put your trust in this shop with true artists - you will be glad you did.

    Thor Fries Avatar Thor Fries
  • Christian Urias recreated a personal sigl for me with outstanding results. He took a crude illustration and brought it to life. Done with precision, delicately shaded, timely execution. I've waited over 25 years for artistry! Well done.

    Jerry Lake Avatar Jerry Lake

    Ting is a fantastic artist! I have had two half sleeves done by her and they are fantastic! Looking forward to getting more work done by her in the future! I highly recommend her to anyone looking to get work done. The studio is a very chill place and she is easy to talk to about tattoo ideas. Check it out!!

    Christopher Strobel Avatar Christopher Strobel

    All the artists are super talented. Everyone in the shop are really friendly and welcoming.

    Spencer Estridge Avatar Spencer Estridge

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