Ms. Ting (Zhou Dan Ting) was born and raised in a small town in Heilongjiang in the far north east of Harbin, China. She started tattooing in 2001, opened her first tattoo shop Wenyifuxing in 2003 (Harbin, China) and due to her phenomenal work she was named “China’s First Lady of Tattoo” by CNN. In 2007 Ting moved to Shanghai, China and opened Shanghai Tattoo which remains one of Shanghai’s top tattoo shops to this day. She has now moved on internationally, opening the 2nd Shanghai Tattoo location in Folsom, California USA.
Ting has had an exciting ride to become the tattooist she is today, as everything that influenced her was not “normal” in China – the music, the art, the tattoo culture were all things she had to go out and find by herself. Ting is an avid traveler, guesting at tattoo shops and conventions across Asia, USA, Europe, Australia with Mexico, India, Canada on her radar for the future. A keen animal lover, Ting also has aspirations to have a smallholding with her own chickens, dogs, cats she can bring into the family.
Specializing in black and grey / color photo realism, Asian traditional, brushed style Chinese calligraphy / Asian style art, Ting tends to focus on larger pieces such as full sleeve arms / legs, full back pieces, torso pieces, chest pieces, etc. but can still create simple smaller portrait work no problem. Her very favorite kind of tattoo involves gory horror imagery, but she is also happy to draw on her roots with traditional Chinese themes.

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China’s First Lady of Tattoo

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