Thomas DeNicola

Thomas DeNicola is a talented tattoo artist who has been involved in the art world for as long as he can remember. As a teenager, Thomas discovered his passion for graffiti art, which eventually led him to pursue a career in tattooing. With the guidance of a few close friends who also shared his love for graffiti, Thomas began his apprenticeship in the industry and has been tattooing professionally since 2021.

Tattooing is a notoriously difficult industry to break into, but Thomas is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have been welcomed into it from the inside. He has a deep appreciation for the art of tattoos and tattoo history, and his specialty lies in American Traditional style. While he is always looking to expand his skills and knowledge, Thomas is particularly drawn to designs with bold lines and bright colors, as well as those that are more bizarre and unique

For Thomas, each tattoo is an opportunity to create a unique, meaningful work of art that reflects the client's personal style and vision. He takes pride in his work and strives to create a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere for his clients. With his passion and dedication to his craft, Thomas is always looking to take on new clients and create something truly rad together.

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