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At Shanghai Studio we are all about high quality body art. Creating it, admiring it, promoting it, and especially preserving it. It's no secret that tattoo healing can go wrong if the tattoo is not properly cared for; and anybody with an old tattoo can tell you that lines blur and color fade as time goes on. As tattoo lovers and artists ourselves, this is a HUGE problem to us! We want your tats (and our tats) to look just as good in two decades as they do today. So… can anything be done to preserve the art?

Well, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that nothing can completely stop time wearing on our bodies. Whether it's our joints, our eyes, or even our art; time takes its toll. The good news is that we can slow it down and really stretch out the good years. This is why Shanghai Tattoo Studio kicked the old industry standard aftercare and partnered with the folks at Tattoo Lovers Care. They started with the mission of making the world’s finest, all-natural, vegan tattoo healing products and knocked it out of the park with their soap, cream, and salve. Every ingredient in their salve is a natural plant extract; even the smell is created by organic essential oils that are great for your skin. They even supply us with large containers of the salve that we use as a glide, so that your aftercare begins even before the needle meets the skin.

This is why we love working with the guys at TLC. They take a science and medicine based approach to problems and then pair it up with natural, vegan, and ethical ingredients that actually work. Having a vegan aftercare available means that it is accessible to all of our clients and it means that TLC put some real thought into their product to make it vegan-friendly.

Tattoo Lovers Care

We are excited to see where TLC goes and how the company grows and evolves with our industry. So far, we have been super impressed with the quality of their products and it has completely replaced the old diaper creams in our aftercare guide. Most aftercare companies have a narrow focus on the wound healing stage of the tattoo, but TLC has a holistic approach that includes pre-care, aftercare, and forevercare. That philosophy really speaks to us in a big way, because we see tattoos as foreverart that you want to display proudly for the rest of your life.

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