Since I was a kid,

I’ve been escaping to new and whimsical worlds with a pencil and piece of paper. In 2015, I pursued my dream of creating comics, traveling across the United States with my suitcase of stories.

In 2019, I discovered the world of tattoos and have been pursuing the craft ever since. That same year, I started my apprenticeship at Ink Monkey in Venice, CA under the tutelage of Asaru Mushavu. During my apprenticeship, the COVID pandemic occurred and I unfortunately had to put my apprenticeship on hold. I relocated from Venice to Sacramento where I discovered Ms. Ting’s Shanghai Tattoo. I applied as an apprentice with my fingers crossed. Luckily, I was given the opportunity and apprenticing under Ms. Ting ever since.

As an apprentice, I am interested in learning everything I can about tattoos. So far, I enjoy tattooing blackwork pieces and surreal subject matters. I am interested  in learning Japanese traditional as well as doing some manga/comic inspired tattoos.

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