Maci is a skilled tattoo artist who has been tattooing professionally since August of 2020. She specializes in creating illustrative black work, geometric, and fine line styles, and is also looking forward to exploring more colorful neo-traditional and realism styles. Maci's artistic talent has been evident from a young age and flourished during high school when she was exposed to multiple disciplines of art. She honed her skills in sketching with graphite, pastels, and colored pencils, and then learned how to paint with acrylic and oil paint, as well as pen and ink during college. Tattooing has always been a dream of Maci’s and she feels very grateful for the opportunities that have been given to her in this industry, including working at Shanghai Tattoo. If you are in search of a skilled tattoo artist who can create a beautiful and personalized design, Maci would be the perfect fit for you.

Book Maci - $200/h