All growing up I had two passions in life, Art and music.

Early on I spent a majority of my time playing music in bands and getting a music engineering
degree. Art was always a huge part of my life but my music took precedence .
Around 2010 I decided I needed a change and if there was anything other than
music I could see myself doing it would have to be in the pursuit of my art . I
never considered tattooing as a possible career choice however when the
opportunity was presented to me I jumped on board and never looked back . I
love what I do ! I have the honor of working with clients from all walks of life in
creating pieces of art that they will wear around for the rest of their lives .
I most enjoy tattooing floral arrangements with animals and often times a bit of
surrealism . I lean mostly towards neo-traditional art, however I love adding a bit
of detail into what I would call illustrative realism . I also enjoy Japanese / Asian
influenced art as well as art nouveau . Beginning my 10th year of tattooing I
now reside at ms. Tings Shanghai tattoo in Northern California