Fine artist Gigi Lyn, comes from a long lineage of professional artists including welders, sculptors, illustrators and painters. Due to this exposure, Gigi Lyn has worked in different media’s from an unusually young age. She began illustrating by age 3, painting at 4, sculpting at 14, and welding by 17. Her artworks awarded her multiple awards throughout her teens, including perfect scores on her college level fine art portfolios in high school.

Over recent years Gigi Lyn’s interests have shifted to include a passion for the tattoo industry. In 2017 She apprenticed at Bone Deep Tattoo in Camarillo, CA when she turned 18. She graduated from her apprenticeship at 19 to be a full time Tattoo Artist. Gigi Lyn is so incredibly enthusiastic about this form of creativity and the ability to create permanent works of art for her clients. Part of Gigi Lyn’s unique process is her consultations being included in the process of designing her pieces. She desires to become intertwined with her clients requests, including the reasons for the “story” her clients are attempting to convey through their tattoos. In addition, the potential for person healing and development the tattoos can bring to her clientele. This is the quintessential reason her clients desire an exclusively designed “one of a kind” personal badges of honor.

Gigi Lyn now resides with her husband who joined the U.S. Coast Guard, traveling around working for increments of 2/4 years wherever the luxury of getting stationed pulls them. As of late, their current destination is Sacramento, CA. Gigi Lyn is eager for the experience to travel around and create art in all spaces possible.

Gigi's Books Are Currently Closed