Brian Hutflies

Brian is a deeply skilled tattoo artist with decades of experience in custom artwork, tattooing since 1998. He specializes in large-scale pieces, and can use his expertise to help you take an idea from conception to reality. He finds creativity and excitement in people's visions for their tattoo, and can work with all body shapes and skin colors, designing a highly professional tattoo to fit the shape of the body. And he can tie things together with existing tattoos to make it seamless. He's amazing at bringing tattoos to life.

Brian produces beautiful work in a wide variety of styles both modern and classic, from traditional American, to illustrative, to Japanese-style and black and grey. His passion for tattooing began during art school, and he came up tattooing in the bustling tattoo mecca of the San Francisco Bay Area. People seek out Brian for his incredible ability to bring magic to things like birds and owls, dragons, tigers, and other animals, as well as flowers. Now in the Folsom and Sacramento area, Brian is excited to bring his skills and creative vision to Shanghai Tattoo.

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